Biomet Magnum M2a Hip Implant

The Biomet Magnum M2a is a metal-on-metal hip implant device that includes chromium and cobalt in its composition, and both the femoral head and the acetabular cup contain these metals.

The friction caused by the two surfaces rubbing against each other while in motion may result in very small metal fragments being shed into the surrounding tissue and blood stream. This can cause tissue damage, inflammatory reactions, bone loss, necrosis and a type of blood poisoning known as metallosis.

Although Biomet hasn’t recalled the Magnum M2a metal-on-metal hip implants, there has been increased scrutiny surrounding them and they may be the subject of future FDA action.

If you believe you have suffered from the side effects of Biomet's Magnum M2a hip implant, please fill out a hip implant case evaluation form to speak to one of our experienced hip implant attorneys.

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