Lead Poisoning

As parents, we do everything in our power to protect our children.  When our children are poisoned by the lead paint in our homes, the effects are devastating.

Lead poisoning causes severe neurological damage in children, robbing them of the ability to read, write, concentrate and think abstractly.

At Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, we are committed to helping the families of victims of lead poisoning.

Medical Effects of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning has been termed the "stealth disease" because of the way it occurs and the devastating neurological damage it causes in children at doses that do not cause outward physical signs of poisoning.

How Do Children Get Lead Poisoned?

The leading medical and governmental authorities have concluded that children younger than four years of age are at the greatest risk for lead poisoning and its harmful effects.

Ways to Protect Children from Lead Poisoning

Some of the ways you can protect your children from the risks of lead poisoning in your home.

Types of Lead Poisoning Cases

WGS works for children and families of lead poisoned children in lawsuits for money damages caused by a child's lead poisoning. In doing so, we consult with pre-eminent medical and environmental experts to best present our clients' cases.

Treatment for Lead Poisoning

The treatment for childhood lead poisoning, known as chelation, historically often involved a painful hospital procedure of injections that causes lead to be excreted in the urine. Recently oral chelation drugs have been developed which can be administered without hospitalization.

Sources of Lead Poisoning

Lead from painted surfaces can enter a child's body completely undetected. This has been proven in scientific studies and, in everyday living, when parents, doctors and health agencies investigate the sources of lead a child has access to and how they become lead poisoned.

If it were at all possible, it would be helpful for you to speak with one of our experienced lead poisoning attorneys to review your case and specific situation.

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