U.S. Patent Prosecution, Transaction and Counseling

In 2015, more than 600,000 total patent applications were filed in the U.S., more than twice the amount filed in 2000.  That same year, the USPTO issued more than 325,000 total patents, more than twice the number of patents that were issued only ten years prior to that.  In the current technologically-driven economy, obtaining a patent has become the preferred business strategy for protecting innovative intellectual property for companies in a wide array of industries.  Not only are the number of patents filed and issued increasing dramatically, the complexity of those patents has been steadily on the rise.  With the increase in the number and complexity of issued patents, however, comes the consequential increase in challenges to those patents, whether by way of proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board or by way of infringement litigation.

At Wilentz, we understand the importance of obtaining a strong, defendable patent from the outset that can withstand potential validity challenges.  We strive to obtain broad claim coverage for our clients’ patents, while simultaneously focusing and distinguishing the scope of the claims over the prior art, resulting in robust claim protection.  Stronger, defendable patents translate into increased company value.

We approach each patent case in methodical fashion allowing us to consider the client’s business objectives, the anticipated commercial value of the invention to the client’s business, the client’s target markets, and the overall growth potential of the involved innovation at every stage of the process.  Each patent is prepared and prosecuted on its merits, while we appropriately tailor the process for obtaining patent protection that provides strategic flexibility and is best suited to advance our client’s interests.

In addition to our patent prosecution practice, our team of intellectual property attorneys offer the following patent based services to our clients:

  • Representation in patent prosecution, re-examination, reissue, interference and post-grant review proceedings before the USPTO on utility and design patent matters involving a wide range of technologies, industries and markets, including provisional and non-provisional filings
  • Patent enforcement through negotiation and settlement, licensing and litigation, if necessary, to protect patent rights
  • Clearance opinions – novelty/patentability, non-infringement, freedom to operate, validity, and enforceability opinions relating to issued patents and new products, devices, compositions, designs, structures, systems and methods
  • Due diligence investigations related to licensing, acquisitions and other technology-related transactions
  • Licensing/transactional – negotiating and drafting U.S. and international patent in-licensing, out-licensing and cross-licensing agreements and contracts for the sale and acquisition of patents, patent portfolios and related intellectual property and know how

At Wilentz, we understand the importance of a robust, unassailable patent portfolio to an effective business strategy.  Our intellectual property attorneys have one goal—assist our clients maximize the value of their patent protectable innovation and implement intellectual property strategies that best advance business objectives.

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