White Collar Criminal Defense in NJ

The Criminal Law/Civil Rights Team at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer has one of the most well-established state and federal practices in New Jersey.  The attorneys on this team include former assistant county prosecutors and deputy attorneys general who have distinguished themselves in difficult and highly publicized cases.

White Collar Commercial Defense Litigation

In the past, "white collar" offenses received little attention, and law enforcement authorities and prosecutorial agencies did not devote their resources to investigate such matters or prosecute those believed to be responsible.  Clearly, in recent years, all of that has changed, and professionals and those in the business world face the prospect of substantial punishment, monetary and otherwise, for committing white collar offenses.

The Criminal Law/Civil Rights Team of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer not only focuses on criminal laws but also on the related, and often complex, civil and regulatory implications arising from allegations of criminal conduct.  Representation is available for:

  • Complex criminal and civil commercial fraud litigation
  • Criminal tax litigation
  • Corporate and internal investigations
  • Environmental litigation
  • Securities fraud litigation
  • Subpoena compliance

Our team has the ability to not only represent individuals and companies in complex criminal investigations, but also to assist in setting up systems, procedures and policies to prevent future situations that may create criminal liability for an individual or company.


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The Criminal Team has at its immediate access for consultation, the sound counsel of:

Alan B. Handler, Former Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court and R. Benjamin Cohen, Former Judge of the Superior Court, Law Division

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