Lawrence Jacobs Receives Sustainable Raritan Award in Stewardship


Lawrence Jacobs was awarded the 2016 Sustainable Raritan Award in Stewardship.  The award recognizes those individuals who exhibit a unique combination of strategic creativity and strong leadership when addressing significant preservation issues affecting the Raritan River and Bay. Mr. Jacobs has been a driving force in preserving the 172 acre Luna Lobell Farm in Bedminster Township. The result of over ten years of planning and negotiations, the preservation of Lana Lobell Farm continues to accomplish the dual goal of protecting water quality in the Lamington River and preserving a working farm.

According to the Sustainable Raritan River Initiative, “the Sustainable Raritan Leadership Awards were established in 2010 to promote innovation and energize local efforts to restore and protect the rivers, streams and habitat of the Raritan River and Bay. The awards have highlighted extraordinary accomplishments and  inspired other groups across the watershed to achieve comparable levels of excellence; 2016 was no exception.”