New Jersey District Court Ethicon Hernia Mesh Litigation

Consolidated for pre-trial purposes under Oglesby v. Ethicon, Docket No.: 3:18cv16079-FLW-DEA.

Welcome to the New Jersey District Court Ethicon Hernia Mesh litigation page for plaintiffs. Below you will find links to the most important court orders and forms that you may find useful. 

Court Orders Link
Filed Consolidation Order for Discovery Purposes Filed Consolidation Order
Case Management Order No. 1 - 1/29/20 Case Management Conference CMO 1
Case Management Order No. 2 - Discovery Confidentiality Order CMO 2
Case Management Order No. 3 - Records Collection CMO 3
Case Management Order No. 4 - Plaintiff Profile Form CMO 4
Case Management Order No. 5 - Pathology Profile CMO 5
Case Management Order No. 6 - 5/27/20 Case Management Conference CMO 6
Case Management Order 8 - Initial Bellwether Pool CMO 8
Case Management Order No. 9 - Production of Hernia Mesh Exemplars CMO 9
Notice of Hearing May 27, 2020 Notice of Hearing
Order Appointing Plaintiffs' Leadership Order Appointing Plaintiffs' Leadership
Cases Selected for Case-Specific Discovery Case-Specific Discovery
Forms and Documents Link
Plaintiff Profile Form (Word) Profile Form
Plaintiff Profile Form (PDF) Plaintiff Profile Form (Fillable PDF)