In re Proceed Mesh Litigation (Proceed Surgical Mesh and Proceed Ventral Patch Hernia Mesh), Case No: 630, Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division, Atlantic County

Welcome to the Ethicon Proceed Hernia Mesh Multi-County Litigation page for plaintiffs.  Below you will find links to the most important court orders and forms that you may find useful.

Court Orders Link
Initial Case Management Order No. 1 CMO 1
Case Management Order No. 2 CMO 2
Case Management Order No. 2A - Plaintiffs' Steering Committee CMO 2A
Case Management Order No. 3 - Confidentiality and Protective Order CMO 3
Case Management Order No. 4 (Amended) - Records Collection CMO 4 (Amended)
Case Management Order No. 5 - Pathology Protocol for Preservation, Division, and Testing of Explanted Mesh and Tissue Samples Taken From Plaintiffs CMO 5
Case Management Order No. 6 (Third Amended) - Plaintiff Profile Form CMO 6 (Amended)
Case Management Order No. 7 (Fifth Amended) - Discovery, Scheduling and Case Management Initial Discovery Pool CMO 7 (Fifth Amended)
Case Management Order No. 8 - Plaintiff Fact Sheet and Defendant Fact Sheet CMO 8
Case Management Order No. 9 - Management of Timekeeping, Cost Reimbursement and Related Common Benefit Issues CMO 9
Case Management Order No. 10 - Order Governing Translation of Foreign Language Documents CMO 10 (Amended)
Case Management Order No. 11 - Depositions CMO 11
Case Management Order No. 12 - Cases Selected for Individual Discovery (Amended) CMO 12 (Third Amended)
Case Management Order No. 13 - Psychiatric Authorizations CMO 13
Case Management Order No. 14 - Protocols for Depositions Taken During COVID-19 Pandemic CMO 14
Case Management Order No. 15 - Appearance of Local NJ Attorneys at Depositions CMO 15
Case Management Order No. 16 - Questioning of Treating Physicians CMO 16
Case Management Order No. 17 - Setting Deadlines for Parties CMO 17
Case Management Order No. 18 - Production of Ethicon Hernia Mesh Exemplars CMO 18
Case Management Order No. 19 - Procedure for Filing of Motions as to Plaintiffs Who Fail to Provide a Plaintiff Profile Form CMO 19
Order to File Motions to Dismiss in Cases in Which No Plaintiff Profile Form Has Been Served (Amended) Order to File Motions to Dismiss (Amended)
Order Regarding Pro Hac Vice Admission and Appearances Order
Case Management Order No. 20 - Notice of Deaths of Plaintiffs CMO 20
Case Management Order No. 21 - Return Date of Dispositive Motions and Schedule for Submission of Papers on Dispositive Motions CMO 21
Ordering Replacing Therron Hughes, ATL-L-730-20, with Donald Denton, ATL-L-442-20, as a Trial Selection of the Court Pursuant to Fourth Amended CMO No. 7 Court Trial Selection Denton
Case Management Order No. 23 - Procedure for Replacement of Cases Selected for Trial CMO 23
Scheduling Orders Link
Order Scheduling Case Management Conferences (Amended) Scheduling Order July-Dec 2020 (Amended)
Order Scheduling Case Management Conferences 2022 Scheduling Order 2022
Order w Respect to Return Date of Non-Dispositive Motions and Schedule for Submission of Papers Scheduling Order
Order amending Case Management Conference April 2021 Scheduling Order April 2021 (Amended)
Forms and Documents Link
Plaintiff Profile Form - Word Format Word Doc
Plaintiff Profile Form - Fillable PDF Plaintiff Profile Form - Fillable PDF
Plaintiff Medical Authorization Medical Authorization - Fillable PDF
Plaintiff Medicare Authorization Medicare Authorization - Fillable PDF
Plaintiff Mental Health Record Authorization Mental Health Record Authorization - Fillable PDF
Plaintiff SSA Authorization SSA Authorization - Fillable PDF
Plaintiff IRS Form 4506 IRS Form 4506 - Fillable PDF
Plaintiff IRS Form 8821 IRS Form 8821 - Fillable PDF
Pathology Protocol Exhibits - Word Format Word Doc
Pathology Protocol Exhibits - Fillable PDF Fillable PDF
Plaintiff Fact Sheet Word Doc
Plaintiff Fact Sheet PDF Fillable PDF

To view the Application for Multicounty Litigation Designation, click here. To view the official website for this MCL, visit the Proceed Surgical Mesh/Proceed Ventral Patch website.