Commercial Litigation Attorneys in NJ, NYC and PA

Our Business Oriented Approach

While certainly the number and type of lawsuits have transformed through the ages, some aspects of the law and litigation remain entirely unchanged.  Litigation involves risk, often significant risk and cost.  And it always involves disruption to your business.  And in today’s economy—no matter whether you operate in a local or global marketplace—you and your business now face heightened regulatory compliance and cyber threats, most likely with resources that are not expanding to meet the increasing demand.  Our job is to shoulder your litigation burden—to minimize the risk and disruption to your business, while finding strategic solutions best suited to your overall business objectives.

For nearly 100 years the lawyers on Wilentz’s Commercial Litigation Team have built a nationwide reputation for handling complex litigation. We have handled large and highly complex commercial lawsuits in our home states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and are frequently sought out to litigate cases in other states.    Our lawyers have represented businesses of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries.  Indeed, we understand that a skilled litigator must be able to adapt a knowledge of the law and procedure to each of its clients particular business interests—and we make understanding your business our top priority. 

The litigator for your business is the lawyer who not only has experience in the courtroom—be it state or federal, trial or appellate level—but can also provide alternative dispute resolution services, counsel and representation before administrative adjudications and in regulatory investigations and hearings.  We place particular emphasis on case management, risk evaluation analyses, and frequent communications throughout the litigation process.    Each case is carefully considered on its merits, the probability of success and, critically, how any proposed resolution will affect your reputation in marketplace.  While it often is more desirable to settle a claim than run the risk of adverse publicity that could result from a public trial, it sometimes the better strategic outcome results from defending a claim to avoid setting a precedent or inviting additional claims.

We stake our relationship on the strength of our experience and a commitment to maximizing certainty wherever possible in a dynamic litigation landscape.

Our Commercial Litigation Services

Some of the major areas in which we provide commercial litigation services are the following:

  • Corporate and partnership disputes
  • Unfair competition claims under the Lanham Act and state statutes
  • All types of emergent relief (temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions) in the state court, chancery division and federal court
  • Antitrust litigation and counseling
  • Securities matters, including tender offers, proxy contests and suits based on federal/state securities law
  • Directors' and officers' liability claims and shareholder oppression derivative actions
  • The protection of real estate brokers on their commissionable events
  • Representing investors in securities-related litigation
  • Representing various security brokers before the NASD and other public bodies
  • Representing a significant number of physicians, both before the Board of Medical Examiners and also in their involvement in partnerships and professional corporate split-ups
  • Defense of legal malpractice claims and frequently retained as expert witnesses/consultants
  • Insurance disputes
  • Banking and lender liability litigation relating to Federal and State statutory claims and consumer protection legislation
  • Restrictive covenant litigation and counseling
  • Trade secret litigation
  • All types of real estate and land use litigation
  • Casino law
  • Civil RICO matters
  • ERISA matters
  • Class actions
  • Franchise disputes

Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys in NJ, NY and PA

The team is comprised of commercial litigation attorneys experienced in litigation at all levels of the state and federal judicial system. Our attorneys are frequently brought in to litigate cases in the federal and state courts in other states, and we are equipped to meet the needs of the business community. Please feel free to contact our Commercial Litigation attorneys today by clicking here.

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