Construction Site / Worksite Accidents

At Wilentz, Goldman and Spitzer, we have been prosecuting construction and worksite work accident cases since 1919.

We believe strongly in safe working environments for our clients.  The safety provisions enacted by the Federal Government are often ignored by companies, causing serious on-the-job accidents, and even death.  This is unacceptable.

At Wilentz, Goldman and Spitzer, we hold liable companies accountable by prosecuting construction site and worksite accident cases to the fullest extent of the law.

Each year construction accidents and construction site negligence account for thousands of injuries in New Jersey and over 5.2 million injuries nationwide. An average of 16 workers die each day in worksite-related accidents throughout the country. Construction companies must inspect each site with safety engineers/experts and provide safety programs, but unfortunately accidents still occur due to the inadequacy of, or failure to implement, these provisions.

Workers who have been injured at work generally may file a workers compensation claim in order to recover their damages. The Workers Compensation claim, however, often fails to adequately compensate the worker for all of the losses, including pain and suffering, future lost wages, future advancement potential and future loss of enjoyment. If you have been injured on the job, you may also be entitled to recover damages from a "third party," such as a negligent manufacturer, negligent general contractor, negligent supplier or negligent property owner.

There are many different facets involved in the construction of a building, which necessarily creates the need for the involvement of many different people and products. Owners, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers all have a degree of responsibility in providing a safe work environment. When a construction site accident occurs, these individuals and entities can be held responsible for inadequate safety provisions. The general contractor and all subcontractors are required to provide a reasonably safe workplace, warn of hazards, coordinate job safety, and supervise compliance with safety specifications.

Serious injuries and medical problems can result from some of the following construction-related accidents: roof falls; crane accidents; scaffolding accidents; lifting equipment failure; electric shock; fires and explosions; contact with operating equipment and structure failure. As personal injury attorneys, we are devoted to helping our clients establish responsibility for such accidents. We also evaluate and prove the damages and collect the settlements or judgments, which fully and fairly compensate our clients. These cases require immediate attention and expertise in order to preserve evidence and establish responsibility.

Our seasoned construction site accident attorneys, along with our team of paralegals, investigators and in-house medical staff, have been successfully representing victims and families of construction site accidents since 1919. We handle all of the details and are prepared to help our clients get through the hardships and stress created by a construction site accident.

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