Criminal Lawyers to Defend Your Rights

The Criminal Law/Civil Rights Team at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer has one of the most well-established state and federal practices in New Jersey.  The attorneys on this team include former assistant county prosecutors and deputy attorneys general who have distinguished themselves in difficult and highly publicized cases.

The reach of criminal law and civil rights issues has permeated almost every aspect of our society.  Criminal law is no longer a narrow and simple field.  More than ever, conduct has been criminalized that has far-reaching implications relating to individual conduct, commercial transactions, businesses, insurance, corporations, health care professionals, immigration status and the family.  The criminal and regulatory legal environment that exists is so pervasive that the distinction between civil and criminal law has become blurred and consumers need counsel capable of representing all of their interests.  Many people and corporations unwittingly engage in actions that expose them to criminal prosecution, and are shocked to learn they have become "targets" of the criminal justice system.  Personal liberty and economic survival are frequently implicated for individuals and corporations. 

Our criminal lawyers handle cases in the following specific areas:

Civil Rights Defense
Defense of Serious Criminal Charges
Domestic Violence Defense
Insurance Fraud Defense
Juvenile and Family Court Cases/Cases Involving Mental Health Issues
Municipal Court Practice and Drunk Driving Defense
White Collar Criminal Defense

Early representation is critical in defending a matter and heading off a prosecution in the criminal justice system.  An indictment alone can be extremely destructive to an individual or to a company.  Proactive pre-indictment action sometimes is the most effective way to prevent the emotional and economic costs that result from the return of an indictment. 

The Criminal/Civil Rights Team of Wilentz, Goldman, & Spitzer is experienced in criminal, civil, administrative, and regulatory litigation arising out of law enforcement, criminal law and civil rights issues.  The team includes a former and current President of the N.J. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a current Trustees of the N.J. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, two certified criminal trial attorneys, former deputy attorneys general and former assistant prosecutors.

Our attorneys have experience in federal, state, municipal and administrative courts, at trial and appellate levels.  The uniqueness of our team is the diversity of our practice and experience.  We have attorneys who concentrate in specific areas, from complex white collar and regulatory matters, to issues that implicate mental health concerns, to driving while intoxicated cases and routine municipal court matters.  Our attorneys go into every court of this state, including federal, state, administrative and municipal courts.  Our attorneys have handled matters in federal district courts outside of New Jersey, including the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, the Middle and Western Districts of Pennsylvania, the District of Wisconsin, and the Southern District of California.

The Criminal Team has at its immediate access for consultation, the sound counsel of:

Alan B. Handler, Former Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court

When you, your company or your loved one needs help, the attorneys in the Criminal Law/Civil Rights Practice Group of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer are here to fight to protect your rights, to negotiate on your behalf when appropriate and to level what can sometimes be an uneven playing field.  To contact one of our attorneys for additional information, click here.

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