Insurance Fraud Defense in NJ

The Criminal Law/Civil Rights Team at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer has one of the most well-established state and federal practices in New Jersey.  The attorneys on this team include former assistant county prosecutors and deputy attorneys general who have distinguished themselves in difficult and highly publicized cases.

Insurance Fraud, Health Care and Professional Licensing

The regulatory environment can be a minefield for practitioners and consumers of health care, and insurance fraud and health care fraud related offenses can result in substantial criminal and civil penalties including loss of freedom, fines and loss of professional licensing.  The penalties relating to charges of insurance fraud have become increasingly draconian and should be a concern for consumers of insurance and practitioners.  The risk to both consumers and practitioners is evidenced by the fact that there is now a statute authorizing the criminal prosecution of "reckless" health care claims.  Our practice group provides representation in the following areas:

  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud investigations and defense
  • Insurance fraud investigations and defense
  • Administrative actions involving discipline and licensing of health care professionals

We work in conjunction with the firm's healthcare law practice group to provide quality advice and representation to medical professional, healthcare practice groups and hospitals.

Clients with professional licenses (real estate sales persons and brokers, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, morticians, and others) and clients whose employment depends on license from the Waterfront Commission, must take particular care to protect their availability to earn a living.  Our attorneys have represented clients in virtually every regulated professional occupation.


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The Criminal Team has at its immediate access for consultation, the sound counsel of:

Alan B. Handler, Former Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court and R. Benjamin Cohen, Former Judge of the Superior Court, Law Division

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