Intellectual Property Attorneys in NJ & NYC

Intellectual property and related assets can be valuable business assets used by companies to distinguish themselves from competitors. In today's high tech society, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on information assets and intangibles.

The team of intellectual property attorneys at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer works with clients to identify such assets and maximize their value. We assist clients in developing internal procedures and business practices, negotiating appropriate contract documents, obtaining governmental registrations and pursuing litigation strategies when necessary to protect these important assets.

Our Intellectual Property Law Services

We regularly advise clients on all aspects of trademark availability, clearance and right-to-use, and registration in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including due diligence in selecting marks, applying for and obtaining registrations, and policing and enforcing such registrations.

Working in conjunction with the firm's Computer & Related Technology Team, we advise clients on the protection and registration of domain names and domain name enforcement, as well as the resolution of trademark and domain name disputes. We also work with clients in developing strategies to integrate business name, domain name and trademark portfolios.

Our intellectual property lawyers in NJ secure copyright protections for businesses through registration processes with the Copyright Office and documentary protections. We are particularly sensitive to the need to protect copyrighted materials when confronted by the challenges of doing business on the Internet.

Our team is equipped to defend clients against third-party allegations of potential infringement or commercial conflicts related to intellectual property use, and we support our clients in asserting their intellectual property offensively to pursue infringers and others who misappropriate their rights. Our litigation activities encompass unfair competition claims and trade protection matters under both state and federal law.

We focus clients on the elements necessary to secure trade secret protections for confidential business assets, such as the development of internal business processes and practices, negotiation of non-disclosure agreements and inventions, ownership agreements with business partners and employees, and address the particular intellectual property ownership issues with independent contractors, which increasingly arise given the prevalence of outsourcing transactions.

Our intellectual property attorneys have substantial experience assisting clients in the commercial enjoyment of their intellectual property rights by negotiating and drafting licensing, distribution and transfer agreements on their behalf, and performing intellectual property-related due diligence within the scope of corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as the transfer or licensure of particular rights.

Representative Matters

Matters handled by our Intellectual Property Team range from portfolio development through Intellectual Property audits of business activities fostering creation of intellectual property rights, to securing protection of such rights by prosecuting governmental registrations and negotiating contractual arrangements. We assist our clients in exploitation of intellectual property assets to the fullest extent through licensing strategies, and enforcement or defense of such rights in the courts.

Our Intellectual Property Attorneys

The Intellectual Property Team draws upon the experience of the law firm's transactional and litigation attorneys to support clients in recognizing that while intellectual properties may be intangible, they can be critical business assets that must be identified and protected to maximize value to their owners. You can also contact us today.

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