Organizing the Health Care Transaction


American Health Law Association 2020 Health Care Transactions Manual

Organizing the Health Care Transaction

Wilentz attorneys Michael F. Schaff and Jason J. Krisza co-authored a chapter entitled “Organizing the Health Care Transaction” published in the American Health Law Association’s 2020 “Health Care Transactions Manual: Understanding the Consequences of the Health Care Deal.”

In this chapter, they provide an overview of the transaction process to help attorneys identify, understand and resolve potential pitfalls involved in structuring a health care deal.



The Manual provides practical guidance ranging from transactional basics to in-depth analysis of complex deals, including:

  • How to recognize health care fraud and abuse
  • Impact of health care organization and/or management structure
  • Compliance with non-disclosure terms and federal and state privacy laws
  • Potential antitrust issues arising from health care entities collaboration
  • Impact of tax-exempt status on a deal
  • State and federal environmental implications as they relate to radioactive materials used in patient care
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Michael F. Schaff
Co-Chair, Corporate, Health and Cannabis Law Teams