High Profile Divorce

Results achieved in prior matters are not meant to be a guarantee of success as the facts and legal circumstances vary from matter to matter.

We have substantial experience representing high-net-worth individuals and celebrity clients, including professional athletes, actors, recording artists, and very successful entrepreneurs, with whom the public has a special interest. In representing these clients, it is critically important to protect their privacy rights, particularly their financial circumstances, net worth, and their personal lives.

There are unique issues involved in these types of divorces. For instance, high-net-worth individuals often have multiple sources and forms of compensation and a diversified portfolio of assets, all of which have a distinct impact on issues such as alimony, child support, and the equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. Another reigning concern in high-net-worth/high-profile divorces is privacy. Particularly for a public figure, such as a professional athlete and/or artist or a highly successful entrepreneur, privacy is crucial. Not only must all attorney-client communication remain confidential, but an individual’s financial documents must also remain protected from the public eye. 

Whenever possible, the parties should explore alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs such as confidential mediation and/or arbitration aimed at settlement, both of which are private proceedings. If this cannot be avoided, it is very important that all documents filed with the Court (most of which are available to the public), be reviewed by the client’s publicity agent, business lawyers, and other advisors and consultants. Similarly, all statements given to the press or media must be carefully scripted after consultation with the client’s advisors. Since the attorney may meet with the client and advisors at the same time, the attorney/client relationship may be jeopardized if other people are present with the client and the lawyer. Therefore, if sensitive subjects are discussed, the advisors should leave the room to preserve the attorney/client privilege.

In the event the case does not settle, and court submissions become necessary, litigants should typically seek protective orders from the Court, as all Court submissions become public record upon filing. As can be expected, these divorces often draw media attention, requiring a competent divorce lawyer to consult with the client’s publicists, agents, financial advisors, and other personal consultants before releasing any information about the divorce. 

We recognize that, while high-net-worth/high-profile divorces are usually accommodated by these unique set of issues, every divorce is unique. Our mission is to, above all, understand each of our client’s individual needs, regardless of the public or financial status of the client.

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