NJ Board of Pharmacy - How to Deal with Various Licensing Issues You May Encounter

There are a number of various licensing issues that may be encountered when dealing with the Board of Pharmacy.  It is important that if and when you do receive a letter from the Board of Pharmacy that you respond, and respond immediately.  You must be honest  and give them the information that they are requesting.

Routine inspections by the Board of Pharmacy are very common in Pharmacy practices, and it is very difficult as a practicing Pharmacist to never have a violation.  You will be issued a report if a violation is found, where you then will have the option to pay the fine or to have a hearing.  It is important at this time that you contact an attorney because even if you do pay the fine, implications can be made as additional, greater penalties may be issued.

In this informational video, Angelo Cifaldi, RPh., Esq. & Satish Poondi, RPh., Esq. of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer's Pharmacy Law Team discuss these common licensing issues in the Pharmacy practice setting, and offer information about licenses themselves, as well as applications and inspections.