Regulatory Law, Agencies and Professional Boards

Results achieved in prior matters are not meant to be a guarantee of success as the facts and legal circumstances vary from matter to matter.

Practicing at the forefront of regulatory law, our team has a deep understanding of where regulation and business interests intersect. We pride ourselves on anticipating new developments and on our ability to create effective solutions to the problems faced by our clients in the nuanced and ever-changing regulatory environments in which they operate.

For many years, Wilentz has represented businesses and licensed professionals before local, county, and State governmental entities. Regulatory requirements are constantly shifting, and the pressure on businesses to maintain compliance has never been greater. We monitor and analyze the regulatory environments of our clients, to anticipate changes before they affect their business.

Our group’s experience with all sides of the regulatory and administrative framework has served as the foundation of our ability to advise both public and private clients on a wide range of legal areas relating to compliance with State and local government laws, such as professional boards, election and political contribution law, State and local procurement matters, public record matters, Open Public Meeting Act issues, Administrative Procedure Act issues, local government ethics, and the use of public rights of way.

We also support our clients’ business interests by drafting legislation, proposing regulations and commenting on proposed rulemakings.

Our regulatory and administrative law knowledge enables us to assist our clients in developing proactive compliance programs in connection with human resources matters, obligations to maintain records under all applicable laws and regulations, and structuring transactions and other financial relationships. 

We advise clients in administrative and governmental law matters, including cases arising before these state, federal, and local governmental departments and agencies:

  • Department of Community Affairs
  • Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • Racing Commission
  • Election Law Enforcement Commission
  • Department of Banking and Insurance

Part of our practice is devoted to the legal rights and responsibilities of clients who are licensed by a professional board. We have considerable experience representing clients in licensing, compliance, investigations, and enforcement proceedings before professional boards, including:

  • Board of Medical Examiners
  • Board of Nursing
  • Board of Pharmacy
  • Board of Dentistry
  • Hearing Aid Dispensers Examiners Committee
  • Board of Chiropractic
  • Board of Respiratory Care
  • Board of Social Work Examiners
  • Board of Electrical Contractors
  • Board of Master Plumbers
  • Board of Mortuary Science
  • Board of Physical Therapy