Telemedicine continues to emerge as a leading force in the future of patient access and care coordination.  As the use of telehealth grows, the associated legal and regulatory issues become more complex.  At Wilentz, our Health Law attorneys advise telemedicine and telehealth clients on the various legal and regulatory issues affecting their practice.  We have been involved in multiple aspects of the implementation and review of telemedicine projects including:

  • Documentation and review of licensing issues for tele-optometry, tele-psychiatry, tele-dermatology, tele-radiology and other areas of remote or online healthcare.
  • Telehealth professional standards and governmental regulations
  • HIPAA and privacy and security issues
  • Regulatory analysis and compliance advice for telemedicine companies
  • Transactional issues, including contracts with telemedicine providers
  • Clinical sites vs. information and education-only sites
  • Scope of practice and supervision requirements for various health care providers involved in telemedicine enterprises
  • Technology and outsourcing documentation