For 100 years, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A., has represented the interests of individuals and corporations when confronting legal concerns.  Our Expungement attorneys have earned an outstanding reputation as a premier reputation restorer.  The impact of an arrest, charge, or criminal conviction on a criminal history can have devastating personal consequences.  The ease of access to criminal records information has proliferated with the expansion of on-line resources.  Fortunately, New Jersey has enacted many laws making most criminal history events eligible for expungement.  Expungement is a sealing process that formally eliminates the criminal record from public view and entitles the successful applicant to respond negatively to most requests for information.  An expungement order has unparalleled value to those seeking most kinds of employment, those applying for schools, loans, financing, and various types of professional licensure.  Often an unexpunged record will result in serious and unintended long term consequences that could be avoided through a fairly simple and affordable process.  Whether arrested or convicted, offenses remain within the public view if not expunged.  Arrests and convictions for most Crimes, virtually all disorderly persons offenses and ordinances are expungeable absent certain limitations. 

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