Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Family Court, Juvenile Court and Cases involving Mental Health issues

Juvenile criminal matters may be one of the most important turning points in a child's life.  Representation must be focused on preparing a proper defense, and if an adjudication of delinquency occurs, making sure that rehabilitation, not punishment, is the focus of any sentence that is imposed.  There are severe consequences in the criminal justice system for juveniles, including possible waivers to the adult system where mandatory minimum jail terms may apply.  Finding the proper attorney for a child may make the difference, not only now, but for the rest of his or her life.

Studies consistently show that mental health issues, such as those present in individuals with emotional, psychiatric, alcohol, substance and/or developmental problems, unfortunately increase greatly the chances for interaction with law enforcement and the courts.  Many of those who are currently incarcerated have diagnosed psychiatric or psychological conditions, and prison is rarely an appropriate setting.  Some of the attorneys in our department have unique experience in dealing with the impact of psychiatric, alcohol and substance abuse issues as these relate to the criminal justice system.  Certain psychiatric or mental conditions may also provide a defense to a criminal charge.

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