Drunk Driving Defense, DWI, DUI

For 100 years, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A., has represented the interests of individuals and corporations when confronting legal concerns.  Our Municipal Court Practice Group has earned an outstanding reputation as a premier drunk driving defense group.  Whether facing a first offense DWI, DUI, refusal to submit, or a multiple offender school zone scenario, our attorneys have the experience and ability to navigate our clients through these serious charges.  Appearing in court without experienced and prepared counsel on these charges can be a costly mistake. 

Driving while intoxicated offenses involve highly technical proofs.  Attorneys experienced in this focused practice are best suited to pursue all available defenses and achieve the best outcome.  Our Municipal Court Practice Group attorneys are among the most experienced and respected in the field.  Whether referred to as driving under the influence, DUI, driving while intoxicated, DWI, drunk driving or operating a vehicle while impaired OVI, the consequences include incarceration, significant loss of driving privileges, mandatory counseling, community service, interlock requirements, fines and surcharges.  Attorneys must be prepared to investigate and pursue all available defenses.  These offenses are among the most serious violations resolved in New Jersey's municipal courts.

Attorneys in our Criminal Defense practice group concentrate their practices in drunk driving offenses and have built a strong reputation through persistent advocacy and intense trial skills honed over years of representing defendants through pretrial discovery and motions, trials, post-conviction relief petitions and on appeal.  

Our Attorneys Are Breath Test Certified

Our firm has several attorneys certified to operate New Jersey’s current breath testing equipment, the Alcotest 7110mkIII-c.  These attorneys have also completed training in field sobriety testing in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  In each case, we have the capacity to bring to bear a team of experienced attorneys, paralegals, investigators to protect the rights of our clients.

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The stakes have never been higher.  The penalties for driving while intoxicated and other municipal court offenses are severe and the consequences often last a lifetime.  Our Municipal Court Practice Group has the experience and legal acumen to approach the unique attributes of each case and provide advice, options, and trial skills tailored to the charges and the client.  Contact us now to discuss your particular case.