Drug and Narcotics Investigations and Prosecutions

Results achieved in prior matters are not meant to be a guarantee of success as the facts and legal circumstances vary from matter to matter.

Particularly in light of the current crisis facing our society from opioid abuse, federal and state law enforcement authorities and prosecutors are focusing their attention on drug and narcotics offenses.  Depending on the type of substance and quantity involved, violating state and federal drug laws has very serious consequences, ranging from fines and driver’s license suspensions, to significant terms of imprisonment.  Additionally, the stigma of a criminal conviction, even for a simple possessory offense, can have far-reaching consequences for anyone seeking employment or holding a professional or other type of license.  Wilentz criminal team attorneys have handled almost every type of drug related offense and investigation before state, municipal and federal courts.  We have assisted eligible clients in applying for and obtaining enrollment in applicable diversionary programs, and are very well acquainted with New Jersey’s drug court program.

In addition, we have significant experience with various statutes and sentencing guidelines that apply to different types of drug and narcotics offenses.  Certain drug offenses committed near a school or public park carry increased penalties, and federal sentencing guidelines have a significant impact upon the penalties facing anyone charged with a drug-related offense in federal court.  Anyone facing this type of case would be well served by making sure their attorneys are well acquainted with all of these statutes and guidelines, and  the Wilentz criminal team is well experienced in these areas.

Whether you are seeking representation for yourself or a loved one facing a drug-related offense, or are a member of the healthcare or pharmaceutical field being investigated or prosecuted for violations of federal or state drug laws, Wilentz criminal team attorneys are here to provide you with advice and guidance geared toward obtaining the best possible result under what can be a very difficult circumstance. Contact our lawyers today to discuss your particular case.