Drug Court/Recovery Court Applications and Appeals

Results achieved in prior matters are not meant to be a guarantee of success as the facts and legal circumstances vary from matter to matter.

The New Jersey Court System has established drug court as a vehicle by which the resources of the Criminal Justice System provide drug dependent offenders with an opportunity to avoid traditional prison sentences. Those afflicted with drug addiction frequently end up with significant criminal records, often for property and drug related offenses. The Courts and Legislature established drug court to use the best available treatment methodologies to provide an alternative to incarceration. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the cost of drug treatment is significantly less than the cost of incarcerating someone and, with the support and guidance of treatment professionals associated with the drug court program, it is hoped that offenders will take control of their addiction issues and reduce the chance of reoffending.

Drug Court Applications and Appeals

The procedures for applying to drug court and the eligibility requirements can sometimes be complicated. Information about drug court can be found at the New Jersey Judiciary's website. Wilentz Criminal law attorneys have assisted drug dependent individuals and their parents and/or spouses seeking to apply for acceptance into the drug court program. We have also represented clients in appeals from drug court application rejections. Drug court requires a significant investment of time and commitment from drug court participants, but the goal of getting one’s addiction under control and leading a law abiding life is well worth it.

If you or your loved one is a drug dependent offender seeking to apply for the benefits of Drug Court, contact a member of our Criminal Law team to discuss your case.


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