• Mar 14 2019

    Finding Good Real Estate Investments in Opportunity Zones 03.14.2019Municipalities and taxpayers with capital gains who seek investments in Opportunity Zones will find useful perspective and information to help define attractive targets in New Jersey’s 169 Opportunity Zones in “Finding Good Real Estate Investments in Opportunity Zones,” an article written by Wilentz Real Estate/Redevelopment practice Co-Chair and renowned New Jersey redevelopment lawyer Anne Babineau and Christopher Hopkins.

  • Feb 15 2019

    Grabbing the Brass Ring: A Discharge in Consumer Bankruptcies 02.15.2019New Jersey Lawyer Magazine
    Wilentz shareholder and co-chair of the firm’s Banking and Financial Services group David H. Stein defines and discusses discharge and eligibility issues for those seeking bankruptcy protection. Mr. Stein delves into the recent United States Supreme Court decision of Lamar, Archer & Cofrin, LLP v. Appling and the subsequent finding that statements of financial condition must be in writing, offering take away points from the case as well as applying the court findings to dischargeability of debt in bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Oct 22 2018

    INSIGHT: Physicians Can De-Stress Over Unwinding Hospital-Affiliated Medical Practices 10.22.2018Bloomberg Law
    As the healthcare delivery landscape continues to evolve, this article written by Michael Schaff and Peter Greenbaum considers the potential termination of physician practices' affiliations with hospitals. In doing so, the authors identify the necessary steps related to the "unwind" process as well as significant issues that may affect both the physician practice and the hospital.

  • Oct 08 2018

    Recent New Jersey Enactments on Corporate Governance 10.08.2018New Jersey State Bar Association Business Law Section Newsletter, Vol.42, No.1
    In this article, Wilentz Shareholder Brett Harris addresses six recently enacted statutory changes to the New Jersey Business Corporation Act. These laws were passed intending to modernize provisions of the law governing corporate entities and make the state more hospitable to corporations from a legislative perspective.

  • Oct 02 2018

    Navigating the Marijuana M(h)aze: What New Jersey Employers Need to Know 10.02.2018New Jersey Lawyer
    In this article, Wilentz Shareholder Tracy Armstrong discusses current and pending legislation, as well as case law, regarding medical marijuana and the workplace. Ms. Armstrong offers employers proactive steps they should consider to maintain a workplace that is both drug-free and anti-discriminatory.

  • Sep 01 2018

    Power Struggle: Cannabis Growers Face High Energy Costs in New Jersey 09.01.2018POWER Magazine
    This article written by Barbara J. Koonz and T. David Wand and published in the September edition of POWER Magazine considers the expanding cannabis industry in New Jersey and the energy implications of growing cannabis in a State with some of the highest energy costs in the nation.

  • Apr 01 2018

    Issues Concerning The Enforcement Of Restrictive Covenants In Commercial Leases 04.01.2018New Jersey Lawyer Magazine
    In this article published in New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, Edward Kole addresses the role of restrictive covenants in today's consumer marketplace with regard to 'product creep'.

  • Apr 01 2018

    The Superior Court’s Complex Business Litigation Program Three Years After Inception 04.01.2018New Jersey Lawyer Magazine
    In this article published in New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, Edward Kole reviews the development of the Superior Court's Complex Business Litigation Program from January 1st, 2015 to 2018.

  • Feb 01 2018

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance: A Guide to Policy Provisions and Challenging Issues for Insureds and Plaintiffs 02.01.2018ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law, Volume 33
    Stephanie D. Gironda & Kimberly W. Geisler examine the typical provisions and structure of an employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy and highlight issues important to understanding the basic contract. The authors bring their combined experience to show that employment lawyers on both sides of a dispute must understand the provisions of EPLI policies that will increasingly influence the course of litigation and settlement negotiations. Plaintiffs’ counsel must strategize to maximize insurance coverage. Defense counsel retained by EPLI insurers may face ethical conflicts when determining who the client is, who controls the defense, and who controls settlement.

  • Jan 01 2018

    6 Considerations When Considering Entering Into A Prenuptial Agreement 01.01.2018Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A.
    In this alert, the Wilentz Family Law team considers several aspects of prenuptial agreements. Topics of interest include anticipated time of the wedding, spouse's ability to retain counsel, independent counsel, financial disclosure, fairness and reasonableness of the agreement, as well as fraud, duress or undue influence concerns.

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