• Oct 01 2019

    The Best Defense is a Good Offense 10.01.2019New Jersey Lawyer
    In this New Jersey Lawyer article, Wilentz Employment Chair Maureen S. Binetti and Wilentz Shareholder Tracy Armstrong, also a member of the Employment Law practice, discuss the importance for employers to conduct effective workplace investigations as affirmative defense to hostile environment claims.

  • Sep 30 2019

    NJ’s Amended Medical Marijuana Law: Permits Needed for Alternative Treatment Center 09.30.2019New Jersey Law Journal
    In this New Jersey Law Journal article, Wilentz attorneys Michael F. Schaff and Lisa Gora discuss the new opportunities available for applicants to operate alternative treatment centers under the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act.

  • Sep 04 2019

    The Employer's Medical Marijuana Maze 09.04.2019New Jersey Law Journal
    In this article published in New Jersey Law Journal, Wilentz attorneys Tracy Armstrong and Lisa Gora discuss the amendments to the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act effectuated by the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act, signed into law on July 2, 2019. The new law expands employment protections for medical marijuana users.

  • Aug 05 2019

    Consider Practical Realities When Drafting Landlord Remedies in Commercial Leases 08.05.2019New Jersey Lawyer
    Wilentz Shareholder and Real Estate Co-Chair Todd Lehder and Wilentz Shareholder David Gordon, also a member of the Real Estate group, share alternative and practical solutions intended to guide commercial landlords when tenants file for bankruptcy.

  • Jul 16 2019

    Negotiating the Commercial Lease 07.16.2019New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education
    Wilentz Shareholder Gordon Golum authored a chapter entitled "Negotiating the Commercial Lease" published in the NJICLE Practical Skills Series "Landlord/Tenant Basic Skills, 2019 Edition." In this chapter, Mr. Golum provides and overview of issues and guidelines to consider in the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases.

  • Jun 19 2019

    Expansion of Medicinal Marijuana Is in NJ’s Future, but Adult Use May Not Be 06.19.2019New Jersey Law Journal
    Wilentz Shareholder and Cannabis Law Co-Chair Michael F. Schaff coauthored an article on the expansion of New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program with Wilentz attorney Lisa Gora, also a member of the Cannabis Law team, published in New Jersey Law Journal Cannabis Law special supplement.

  • Jun 13 2019

    Private Equity Investment in Health Care 06.13.2019American Health Lawyers Association
    Wilentz attorneys Michael Schaff and Grace Mack, co-chairs of the Health Law group, co-authored a chapter entitled "Private Equity Investment in Health Care" published in the American Health Lawyers Association 2019 Health Law Watch. In this chapter, they provide an overview of current trends in private equity investments in the health care industry and regulatory aspects of private equity arrangements.

  • May 15 2019

    Dental Service Organizations Beware of New Jersey's Enhanced Restrictions 05.15.2019Dorfman Mizrach & Thaler, LLP, Certified Public Accountants and Advisors
    Organizations that provide support to dental practices need to be keenly aware of whether the state they are providing support services has corporate practice of dentistry (“CPOD”) restrictions. CPOD restrictions are state specific and prior to providing dental support services, dental service organizations (“DSO”) should be fully versed in any state specific limitations of their relationship with the dental practices they will be contracting with.

  • Mar 14 2019

    Finding Good Real Estate Investments in Opportunity Zones 03.14.2019Municipalities and taxpayers with capital gains who seek investments in Opportunity Zones will find useful perspective and information to help define attractive targets in New Jersey’s 169 Opportunity Zones in “Finding Good Real Estate Investments in Opportunity Zones,” an article written by Wilentz Real Estate/Redevelopment practice Co-Chair and renowned New Jersey redevelopment lawyer Anne Babineau and Christopher Hopkins.

  • Feb 15 2019

    Grabbing the Brass Ring: A Discharge in Consumer Bankruptcies 02.15.2019New Jersey Lawyer Magazine
    Wilentz Shareholder and Co-Chair of the firm’s Banking and Financial Services group David H. Stein defines and discusses discharge and eligibility issues for those seeking bankruptcy protection. Mr. Stein delves into the recent United States Supreme Court decision of Lamar, Archer & Cofrin, LLP v. Appling and the subsequent finding that statements of financial condition must be in writing, offering take away points from the case as well as applying the court findings to dischargeability of debt in bankruptcy proceedings.

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