Considering issues related to parole and planning for a parole application are important considerations for anyone sentenced to a prison term. The Criminal Law team has significant success in representing clients confronting the daunting prospect of facing the Parole Board for parole consideration. Parole is not guaranteed. The parole process is not one that an individual should face without experienced counsel. While the standards may appear straightforward, the review process is highly subjective. Without proper guidance an individual who should be paroled may end up serving a longer sentence than they should under the law.

Representation is available for:

  • Preparing a proper and complete Parole Plan, uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual. 
  • Making sure that a proper and complete record is presented upon which the Parole Board will make its determination. 
  • Representation to appeal a parole denial by way of Administrative Appeal, and before the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division.
  • Representing individuals who already have been paroled, who are facing the Parole Revocation Process, by which they may be returned to custody, and may face the establishment of a new parole eligibility date.
  • Representing individuals seeking modification or challenging conditions of parole that make securing employment impossible or conditions that are unnecessary and burdensome.
  • Representing individuals who have been sentenced to Community Supervision for Life and the Notification Requirements under Megan’s Law, who, when eligible, wish to move in New Jersey Superior Court to be released from such supervision and notice requirements.

Why Contact A Parole Lawyer?

An individual’s liberty is one of our most important, cherished, and protected rights. Navigating parole issues without the guidance and advice of experienced counsel may result in continued custody when, in fact, the individual is actually ready, capable, and should be returned to the community.

To discuss your particular case with an attorney, please contact our office.