Serious Criminal Matters

The Criminal Law practice at Wilentz is among the oldest and best known state and federal practices in New Jersey.  Our team includes a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, former assistant county prosecutors and deputy attorneys general who have distinguished themselves in difficult and highly publicized criminal cases. Our clients tend to be average, law abiding citizens, professionals and business owners who come to us overwhelmed by a justice system with which they are very unfamiliar.  Often, our clients come to us scared and nervous about what awaits them.  At Wilentz, we pride ourselves as lawyers with the mission of helping our clients navigate the courts and the justice system.

We are prepared to handle every conceivable type of State Superior Court and Federal Court matter, including but not limited to: homicide, manslaughter, sexual offenses, kidnapping, drugs and narcotics investigations, arson, assaults, death by auto, burglary, theft, forgery, fraud, child endangerment, bribery, perjury, firearm offenses, racketeering and forfeiture proceedings.

Because criminal charges may also have a substantial impact on an individual's immigration status and a conviction may result in the initiation of deportation proceedings, our team works closely with immigration counsel to advise affected clients as to potential exposure and to minimize the impact of a criminal disposition upon immigration status.

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Barry A. Cooke

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