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In light of the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are working with companies to help them address the challenges they are facing, especially those connected to their continuing operations. We are fielding and advising on a range of situations and challenges, including:

  • Complying with contractual obligations of the business during the pandemic
  • Managing cash flow, liquidity and debt-related questions
  • Retaining, laying off and furloughing of staff
  • Applying for, and complying with the requirements of, Federal and State loan and grant programs, including obtaining loan forgiveness under the Paycheck Protection Program
  • Applying health care guidance to employment-related questions, such as how do employers bring workers back safely and steps an employer should take if an employee tests positive for COVID-19
  • Re-opening businesses in compliance with various mandates

Wilentz’s multi-disciplinary approach enables our attorneys to provide guidance to our clients on all areas of law, including employment, insurance, litigation, real estate and banking. Similarly, Wilentz attorneys pride themselves in staying current on all relevant Federal and State Executive Orders and Guidances.

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