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Employers feel the impact of the pandemic on every aspect of their day-to-day operations. Keeping the work place safe for employees and establishing protocols that provides clear guidance to employees and visitors relative to every aspect of Covid-19 is one example of the ways that we work with employers to help them to address new concerns and overcome the challenges associated with continuing operations during the pandemic navigating a new, rapidly evolving regulatory landscape .

We are fielding and advising employers on a range of situations and challenges, including:

  • Should employers test for COVID-19?
  • What steps should an employer take if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?
  • Can employees be required to return to work? 
  • If so, how to bring workers back safely (compliance with Executive Order 192)?
  • Can employers mandate that employees get vaccinated for Covid-19?
  • What should an employer know about the American Rescue Plan Act?
  • How do employers comply with employment laws while having a remote workplace for some or all of their employees?

As legislation continues to be issued and these and new concerns emerge, we encourage you to subscribe to Wilentz’s employment law alerts to stay abreast of employer concerns. If you have a pressing concern, contact Tracy Armstrong.

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