Coronavirus Legal Response Team & Resource Center


Key Contacts (New Jersey): Edward T. Kole, Willard C. Shih

Key Contacts (Pennsylvania): Jonathan J. Bart, Daniel S. Bernheim, 3d

In light of the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are working with clients to help them address the challenges they are now facing on a daily basis, some of which they never imagined would ever happen.

We are fielding questions and advising on a range of situations and challenges, including:

  • Are you entitled to business interruption insurance?
  • Are you entitled to rent abatement, or conversely, can your tenant stop paying rent?
  • How do you address defaulting on agreements?
  • Any number of issues concerning work stoppage (from employment issues to addressing vendors/ creditors)
  • Potential dissolution
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

Alerts and Publications:

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