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Trusts & Estates

Key Contact : Jo Ann Gambale

In these difficult and uncertain times, we want to let you know that we are here for our estate planning clients and are ready to address any of your concerns. In thinking about whether your current documents still meet your needs, you may wish to consider:     

  • Does my Power of Attorney name those persons who I want and trust to handle my finances (including check-writing) should I become too ill to handle them myself?
  • Does my Health Care Power of Attorney name the person I want and trust to make health care decisions for me in the event that I am unable to make them for myself?
  • Does my Living Will correctly describe my choices and intentions with respect to the implementation or withdrawal of life-sustaining measures?
  • Does my Last Will and Testament name the persons I want to serve as executor and trustee (and as alternate executors and trustees) and are those persons named as beneficiaries still the persons I want to receive my estate (and in the proportions and under the terms and conditions set forth in the Will)?
  • Should I give a copy of the Power of Attorney to my agent, or at least keep it handy to give to my agent should the need arise?
  • Should I give a copy of my Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will to the person I named as my health care proxy? 
  • Do my family members know where the original of my Will is located?

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