Motorcycle riders are uniquely susceptible to serious injury should they become involved in a motor vehicle accident.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, there were 5,286 motorcyclists killed, and motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 27 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash and 6 times as likely to be injured. Because a motorcycle rider's limbs are exposed, these accidents often result in serious fractures to the rider's arms and legs. Medical expenses and wage losses resulting from motorcycle accidents can be staggering and are not covered by motorcycle insurance coverage. 

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

There are innumerable reasons that a motorcycle accident may occur. What is important to victims, however, is that if an accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, they will probably be able to recover financial compensation for the losses they sustain. State law generally defines negligence as a person’s failure to conduct himself or herself in the same manner a reasonable person would in similar circumstances. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are many examples of negligence that could cause a crash. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Following too closely
  • Vehicle defects
  • Improper vehicle repair
  • Potholes
  • Failure to use headlights at night
  • Ignoring poor weather conditions
  • Failing to stop at stop signs
  • Ignoring traffic lights
  • Poor road maintenance or design

Investigating a Motorcycle Accident Requires Significant Resources

While many motorcycle accident cases are uncontested, there are some cases in which victims are required to establish that the other party was negligent and that his or her negligence caused the accident. When this is the case, it is absolutely imperative that victims retain an attorney who is familiar with representing motorcycle accident victims and who is not afraid of taking a case to trial. In a contested case, it may be necessary to gather and present a significant amount of evidence in order to establish that the other party was negligent. Examples of evidence that may be relevant in a contested motorcycle accident case include the following:

  • Eyewitness statements
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Surveillance footage
  • Toxicology results
  • Medical records
  • Road maintenance records
  • Road design schematics
  • Vehicle computer data
  • Cell phone records

In some cases, certain parties may be reluctant to hand over evidence for any number of reasons. Fortunately, there are ways that a skilled attorney can compel the production of evidence through the courts so that your chances of recovering compensation are maximized.

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