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We are working closely with our healthcare clients to keep abreast of available resources affecting the delivery of medical care during this outbreak. We are providing guidance on numerous questions challenging healthcare professionals in their efforts to respond to their patients’ needs, including:

  • What are the requirements and legal concerns for operating my practice during Covid-19?
  • How to provide telemedicine to serve patients during the coronavirus outbreak and post pandemic?
  • How do the HIPAA rules impact the practice of medicine in novel ways during the coronavirus outbreak?
  • What are the out-of-state licensing rules applicable to treatment during the coronavirus outbreak?
  • How will Medicare and Medicaid reimburse for treatment during the coronavirus outbreak and post pandemic? How are commercial payors reimbursing? What will patients be required to pay?
  • What funding sources are available to healthcare providers affected by COVID-19?
  • What are the reporting requirements for compliance with the HHS Provider Relief Fund Program?
  • How do the OIG waivers available during COVID-19 affect my practice? Will the waivers continue post pandemic?
  • What types of Federal and State immunity are available for the provision of care during COVID-19?

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